Keys to Better Lead Generation

Keys to Better Lead Generation

Small and medium-sized businesses are always in pursuit of high-quality leads. A team’s prospects will quickly dry up if relying on one or two prospecting models. These tips can improve your lead generation.

An Oldie but Goodie

Email marketing and cold calls are still the mainstays of modern marketing campaigns, but direct mailers can be very effective. Many people still get excited to see a piece of physical mail in the box, and a physical letter can generate greater curiosity. (You can’t click “Delete” or “Spam” on a hard copy.)

The most productive direct mail campaigns are personable and attractive. Colorful envelopes do much better than standard white fare. Use color psychology to select a hue that matches your brand and catches the eye of the recipient. Unique stamps are a subtle way to charm the addressee as well. Consider using fonts in a handwritten style to create a personable touch. While the above tips involve a fair amount of work, services exist to create a custom direct mail campaign for you.

Help for Busy Business Owners

If you’re aching for a 25th hour of the day or maybe a third arm to get all of your work done, it may be time to think about hiring a virtual assistant (VA). Searching for leads is time-consuming and even mind-numbing. VAs can be found inexpensively through freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork or contracted through dedicated services like Time etc and MyTasker.

You might have to try a few different VAs or services before deciding who works best. Set specific goals and measure the leads and conversion rate to determine who provides the best value.

Top-Notch Offers

You can gain many leads from folks who accept a free trial, coupon, ebook, infographic, or another tempting item in exchange for contact information. The more enticing the offer, the greater quantity of leads you can receive. To ensure leads are of the highest quality, the offer must be closely related to what you’re selling or a variety of the product or service itself. A creative option that stands out from competitors can be the most persuasive.

Ad Refinement

Review every marketing campaign and lead-generating technique to test effectiveness. Refine the programs to apply what produces the best outcome. Monitor competitors to see what drives engagement and improve upon their strategies. You can be sure they’re doing the same to you.

Business dries up without solid leads. Work continually at lead generation to keep your pipeline flowing and your company running.