Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Break Free from Restrictive Loan Applications with Stated Income Real Estate Financing

Every business owner would choose to have perfect credit if they could. Unfortunately, business doesn’t work that way. Your company can end up with credit score problems because of things that are beyond your control. At Brightview Commercial Capital, we understand that. Our stated income commercial real estate loans go beyond restrictive requirements and help businesses with less-than-ideal finances get the capital needed to purchase real estate.

Real Estate Loan Applications Made Simpler

In the case of traditional property loans and mortgages, the time from application to approval can stretch from weeks to months. Conventional loans require carefully checking many aspects of a business’s financial history, from cash flow and revenue to bank account balances and credit scores. How do our stated income commercial real estate loans change things?

  • Basic business documents only
  • Lower credit score requirements
  • Fast approval
  • No balance sheets or tax returns required
  • No outside collateral needed

This type of loan focuses mainly on the real estate you’re planning on purchasing. Stated income financing takes the value of this property when calculating the total capital provided on the loan. To qualify, you don’t need perfect credit. You primarily need to show that the property value is enough to cover the loan, closing costs and needed insurance.

Financing for Your Preferred Commercial Property

Another benefit of stated income commercial real estate financing is its exceptional flexibility. There are few limitations on the type of property you can get funding for. Whether your business benefits most from a new office space, warehouse, factory, restaurant, retail store or another commercial building, we can help you purchase the real estate needed.

Professional Assistance With the Financing Process

Our financial advisors make it easy for you to get started. We can answer your questions and help you choose terms that are favorable for your goals. We provide excellent loan-to-value ratios, interest rates and repayment terms. Contact us today to learn more.