Fix and Flip Financing

Renovate and Sell Properties with the Help of Fix and Flip Financing

When you want to flip a house, you need reliable funding. Many traditional real estate loans aren’t designed for the quick cash property investors need, which is why Brightview Commercial Capital offers fix and flip financing.

Why Choose Fix and Flip Financing?

A mortgage is an excellent choice if you intend to occupy the residence, but if you want to rent or sell, it just doesn’t meet your needs. Mortgage applications can take more than a month to process, interfering with investors’ ability to snatch up great deals and negotiate with sellers. Fix and flip financing, on the other hand, can supply cash in a matter of days.

How Can You Benefit?

This type of financing offers several advantages over other real estate loans:

  • Low interest
  • Fixed rates
  • Short terms not exceeding 24 months
  • Fast funding
  • Interest only available

Which Should You Choose: Loan or Line of Credit?

Brightview Commercial Capital offers loans and lines of credit for fix and flip investors. Our lump-sum loans are an excellent choice if you want the funds all at once. If you prefer to access funds as you need them, the line of credit is a better option.

How Can You Apply?

Are you ready to start a new fix and flip project? To fund your next purchase, give Brightview Commercial Capital a call. Our friendly loan officers are happy to set up a consultation.