Important Ways to Improve PPC Campaigns

Important Ways to Improve PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising is an important way for many businesses to reach their customers. PPC can help you with e-commerce sales or increase the number of high-value leads you get from B2B clients. A well-run campaign can increase the traffic your website gets and help you stand out from competitors, especially when there’s a lot of competition around your main products.

You don’t have to be a digital marketing guru to improve the results you get from your advertising. Here are several things you can do to have greater success.

Select the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important factors for success with PPC campaigns. You need to select keywords that help you attract the attention of your target audience. That way, every click is worth its price. It doesn’t do much for your business if you’re attracting a lot of people who aren’t remotely interested in the products you offer.

Know Your Customers

Part of selecting keywords involves knowing your customer base well. The better you understand the search terms they’re likely to use, the more effective your marketing campaigns can be. If possible, your goal is to get people with the right interest in your products and who have a desire to purchase.

Include Negative Keywords for Search Results

A negative keyword is one that you tell search engines specifically to avoid. Using this technique can help you narrow down your funnel even more to the right potential clients.

For example, a business may sell all types of equipment for construction, but not hand tools or power tools. Keywords may include heavy machinery, construction equipment, compactors, generators, and similar items.

The business doesn’t want to attract clients searching for power tools or construction tools. It would be a waste of clicks and advertising spend since the company doesn’t sell those items. That’s where negative keywords are helpful. Using the negative keywords –“power tools” and –“construction tools”, the business would tell Google to avoid showing PPC ads for queries with those keywords.

Check Your Key Performance Indicators Regularly

When you check how your PPC metrics look on a regular basis, you can make valuable changes before they cost you too much money. If it’s necessary to add other negative keywords or change primary keywords, you can do so. Pay attention to your conversion rate, click-through rate, and cost per click to see if the campaign is meeting your expectations.