How to Pick an Optimal Business Name for the Digital Age

How to Pick an Optimal Business Name for the Digital Age

When creating a startup, job one is picking a name. Making the right decision is a vital element of your overall business strategy. Your company handle should reflect your corporate attitude, but it should also generate publicity and function well in the electronic realm. Here are some tips on selecting a moniker that can serve you favorably. 

Opt for Brevity

Any company worth its salt has a website. Even if you choose not to engage in online commerce, your information needs to be available online. The shorter your domain name is, the easier it is for people to find and remember you. Increase your odds of browsers checking you out by limiting your name to no more than a couple of syllables.

Think About Spelling and Pronunciation

Perhaps you have reasons for naming your venture after a French ancestor or African historical figure. Doing this is likely a mistake. For starters, awkward pronunciations will cause others trouble should they want to spread the word. Those who see your signage while driving may look for you online. Incorrect spelling may prevent search engines from bringing you to them. Voice-activated devices, such as Siri and Alexa, are increasingly popular. Pick a name people won’t have trouble saying so that voice-operated GPS systems can locate you. All it takes is a bit of frustration before someone seeks a competitor.

Consider Low-Tech Consumers

Not everyone rushes to the Apple store to buy the latest evolution of their gadgets. Spare a thought for browsers peering at tiny screens. Pick a name that’s easy to identify no matter where it appears. Many devices, especially older ones, have cumbersome keyboards that those with chunky fingers despise. Select a name that is still easy to type out even when using a miniaturized input method.

Don’t Sweat It

What’s in a name? The success of your brand is dependent on much more than the title you choose. No matter what you pick, that unique collection of consonants and vowels will become associated with the quality you provide. Build a company that reflects your values and focuses on customer experience. Get these factors right, and your name will become synonymous with great products and services, no matter what you settle on. 

The title you select for your venture is the first step toward building an empire. It’s also the initial piece of your overall business strategy. Get off to a good start by making a decision that works to your advantage.