Effective Social Media Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Effective Social Media Video Marketing for Small Businesses

A company or influencer with tons of social media followers does not guarantee a profitable brand. Your content must be engaging and motivate an audience to more action than just clicking a Like button. Test out these techniques to ramp up your video marketing.

Is Your Content Easy To Digest?

You can find varying reports on the actual average attention span of a human, but most studies conclude that the number registers as less than a minute. Shrink that number even further when you consider people’s habits on the web and social media, where individuals are constantly being drawn to another shiny ad or piece of content.

Make your videos simple, direct, and brief to get the most eyeballs. You’ll likely do better with multiple short videos than a single comprehensive piece.

Are Your Videos of Professional Quality?

Brief, candid videos shot on a smartphone can serve a purpose, but you should create the best quality you can afford. Grainy and bumpy camera shots no longer cut it. Don’t forget to pay attention to the audio as well. Many viewers are more likely to stop watching a recording because of poor sound quality.

Are You Providing Value to the Viewer?

Your videos are like the free samples offered in a grocery market. You get to provide a nugget of helpful information that gives someone a taste of your value. Present yourself as a sincere and selfless expert. Don’t constantly hard sell your audience, but share offers that solve their problems.

Your value may come from entertaining your audience. There is nothing inherently funny about insurance, yet the major brands shifted to amusing ads to attract attention. The lighthearted tone creates a positive association with the brand. If you have a knack for making entertaining content, use it to promote your brand.

Are You Using Multiple Platforms?

Everyone has their favorite social platform, but don’t rely solely on one or two networks. Cross-post often, but make sure the content fits the guidelines for the respective platform. Try not to use identical videos for every forum, though. Edit a piece differently to cater to the intended audience.

Are You Watching the Competition?

Be aware of what works for competitors and adapt their methods for your marketing. Studying others’ campaigns in your industry is an easy way to find out what customers want to see and helps you know how to differentiate yourself.

Use video marketing effectively to present your brand to potential clients and endear your company to current customers.